conflict management for the modern world

Conflict is inevitable. We have disputes with loved ones, coworkers, neighbors, our Dungeons and Dragons group, and even our finances - we all experience conflict. The challenge we face is what to do when conflicts arise. Do we avoid it? Bury it? Yell or cry until we can hardly speak anymore? Use it to push our loved ones away? No. We confront it. We manage it.

Sometimes contemporary challenges and conflicts are the same as they were in the past. But technologies and the pace of our lives can amplify conflict, and the culture of businesses and finance have changed. It's easy to lose yourself, your values, and your goals in the midst of the modern world. You need a conflict manager who understands these changes and can support you in facing them and working with them to manage your conflicts.

Whatever brought you to this site, whether it's a specific conflict you're finding difficult or the desire to learn conflict or financial management skills, I am here to help. Conflict, although inevitable, is tough to manage. It can cause negative feelings, impede our work and productivity, and spill over into other relationships. Learn how to better manage the conflicts in your life.

Do you

  • Avoid conflict?

  • Have a particular conflict that you're scared to address?

  • Don't feel like you have the skills you need to confidently manage conflicts in your life?

  • Have difficulty managing workplace issues?

Conflict coaching may be right for you! 

Do you

  • Have a particular conflict that needs to be addressed?

  • Have a conflict that doesn't belong in a court of law, but for which you need expert help?

  • Have conflict with a neighbor, friend, romantic partner, or family member?

Mediation may be right for you! 

  • Avoid thinking about your finances?

  • Fear making a budget or financial plan?

  • Don't feel like you have the skills you need to confidently manage your money?

  • Have difficulty managing emotions about money?

Financial coaching may be right for you! 


Dr. Amanda J. Reinke is a registered mediator, trained and certified financial and conflict coach, and holds a PhD in Anthropology with certification in Disasters, Displacement, and Human Rights studies. With over five years of experience, Dr. R. has worked internationally on land conflicts, and domestically on disputes that range from landlord-tenant and neighbor issues to romantic and business partner challenges.

Dr. R. will take mediation and coaching clients who are willing and ready to learn and engage their conflicts. For mediation clients, she does not accept custody cases, divorce settlements, or situations in which there has been emotional or physical abuse.

My approach requires clients to take ownership of their conflict and to be willing to work on resolving it. Conflict is not about who is right or wrong, but is about identifying areas where we can learn, improve, create clear boundaries, and, where appropriate, strengthen relationships. Coaching is a collaborative effort between the coach and client(s). Whether you find yourself in conflict with your finances and financial life, or with individuals in your life, if you are committed to making changes directed at improving your situation then we can work together; however, our work will only be as strong as the effort you put in. Are you ready to take control of your conflicts? 

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