Experiences and Perceptions of Hurricane Florence Recovery

with Erin R. Eldridge, PhD

LOCATION. Fayetteville, NC area.

TIMELINE. October 2018-Present.

SNAPSHOT. How do affected communities navigate the bureaucratic infrastructures and requirements of disaster aid and recovery support? How do local non-profits seek to gather and distribute resources from the federal level to locals, and how are those efforts perceived by affected individuals?

METHODS. Focus groups, semi-structured interviews, participant and non-participant observation.

FUNDERS. None sought.

PUBLICATIONS. Forthcoming.

Faculty and Student Perceptions of GC2Y Effectiveness

with Scott M. Butler, PhD, MPH, ACS

LOCATION. Milledgeville, GA.

TIMELINE. May 2018-Present

SNAPSHOT. How do faculty attempt to actualize 'global perspectives' learning outcomes in an institutionally-bound general education area requirement? How do students and faculty perceive the effectiveness of these institutionally-defined outcomes? This mixed methods project analyzes Georgia College and State University's GC2Y program - a unique curricular attempt to implement universal global perspectives education for undergraduates.

METHODS. Surveys, focus groups, semi-structured interviews.

FUNDERS. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Georgia College and State University.

PUBLICATIONS. Forthcoming.

Policy-Driven Restorative Justice in Virginia

LOCATION. Northern Virginia.

TIMELINE. May 2016-August 2017.

SNAPSHOT. How do restorative justice practitioners and nonprofits seek to actualize social justice goals in marginalized communities, while working within the formal legal system? This project uses qualitative techniques to investigate the relationship of the informal legal sphere to formal law and legal processes, as alternative justice practitioners advocate for their work within the state.

METHODS. Non-participant observation, unstructured interviewing.

FUNDERS. Paul D. Coverdell Public Policy Fellowship. College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Development Grant, Georgia College and State University.

PUBLICATIONS. NeosConflict and Society

Advancing Social Justice Through Conflict Resolution

LOCATION. San Francisco Bay Area


TIMELINE. June-December 2014; May-November 2015


SNAPSHOT. How practitioners of alternative justice - conflict resolution models outside the formal legal system - imagine and attempt to advance societal relations amid urban transformation? The project uses conflict resolution and structural violence frameworks to explore the ways alternative justice is used to actualize social justice goals, such as mitigating the marginalization of racial and socioeconomic minorities, in spaces of rapid gentrification.


METHODS. Observation, participant observation, semi-structured interviewing, narrative interviewing, archival.

FUNDERS. Yates Dissertation Fellowship. Thomas Family Fellowship.


PUBLICATIONS. AllegraBronislaw MagazineDissertation.

PRESS. AAA's Interest group on Nonprofits and NGOs

The Enemy Within: The Challenge of Domestic Terrorism

With Saundra J. Ribando, DPA




TIMELINE. 2014-2015


SNAPSHOT. Analyzing trends in domestic terrorism since the 1970s to identify changes in the number of attacks, deaths per attack, and the attackers' motivation and goals. Findings indicate that the number of domestic terror attacks has decreased dramatically, but the number of deaths per attack has increased. Despite media focus on the Muslim community as a source of domestic terrorism, terrorist acts associated with Islamic fundamentalists only account for 2.3% of all attacks occurring between 2000-2009. 


METHODS. Secondary data analysis.




PUBLICATIONS. Questions in Politics. DrawScience. Guns and Contemporary Society.

PRESS. DrawScience.

Assessing Sexual- and Gender-Based Violence in Post-Conflict Northern Uganda

With Justin Hendrix, MPH


LOCATION. Northern Uganda


TIMELINE. May-August 2013


SNAPSHOT. Collaborative research with Justin Hendrix, MPH and the Centre for Reparations and Rehabilitation. We explored the relationship between gendered violence, land conflict, and psychosocial health, investigating implications for post-conflict peacebuilding processes.


METHODS. Survey, focus group, semi-structured interviewing, participant observation.


FUNDERS. William K. McClure Scholarship for the Study of World Affairs. Minority Health in Research and Training Program.

PUBLICATIONS. VoicesJournal of Global Initiatives

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